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During September, congregations within the Uniting Church in Australia, as well as other interested individuals or groups, are encouraged to create a community of hospitality, conversation and friendship with people of all faiths throughout their neighbourhood.

Beginning the first Sunday of the month, ‘Interfaith September Sunday’, congregations and groups are invited to select an activity to complete throughout the month. This might be as simple as completing a book or DVD study or as ambitious as hosting an interfaith festival. Resources for several potential activities are available in the Interfaith September 'Activity Tool Box' (see below).

Throughout the following weeks, congregations and groups will be taken on a journey of reflection across the Anniversary of September 11, and the International Day of Peace, and will culminate in groups bringing their chosen activity to life on ‘Interfaith Community Sunday’; when neighbours become friends and a deepened understanding of each other blossoms.

You are warmly invited to explore and celebrate the development of these friendships in the presence of diversity and difference through our Interfaith September resources.



Program Guide

Vimeo clips for each Sunday. Please click to view:

The Activity Tool Box