Assembly Standing Committee

The Assembly Standing Committee is elected by, and meets three times a year in the intervening years between, each Triennial Assembly. The Committee has the charge of providing governance to the Church during the Triennium.

ASC Members 2018 - 2021

There are 18 members of the Assembly Standing Committee (ASC), elected by the Triennial Assembly, to provide governance to the Church during the triennium.

Each meeting of the Standing Committee is chaired by the President and co-chaired by the Assembly General Secretary.

Non-voting participants at the ASC meetings include the General Secretaries of each synod; the Assembly Associate General Secretary; the Assembly Theologian-in-Residence; and the President of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC).

Other church members may be invited to attend, particularly if they have a proposal to present to the Committee.

Ex officio

Hollis, Sharon President-elect
Kickett, Mark UAICC
Dronfield, Garry UAICC President
Geyer, Colleen Assembly General Secretary
McMillan, Stuart Past President
Palmer, Deidre  President


Elected Members

Amery, Felicity
Baker, David
Brown, Rob
Charles, Hayden
Francis, Steve
Grinton, Geoffrey
Johnson, Andrew
Kioa, Jason
Ledgerwood, Elaine
Ligtermoet, Clare
Marino, Fie
Merrifield, Kath
Mugford, Nicole
Pepper, Catherine
Rae, Elaine
Thompson, Geoff
Tonai-Moore, Yuko
Tozer, Ian


Woodward, Stuart

ASC Minutes