Forty years. Forty days. Forty hours.

Forty years.

The Uniting Church in Australia is celebrating 40 years as a uniquely Australian church.

At our inauguration service on Wednesday 22 June 1977 the first President Rev. Dr Davis McCaughey, the primary author of our Basis of Union, remarked that church union ‘meant absolutely nothing, unless it drives us back to the fundamental questions – where do you come from, where are you going, and who are you?’

“Are you and I prepared to find our bearings afresh?” asked McCaughey, as he urged the 1977 faithful on a new pilgrimage, to engage the world through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the outpouring of his spirit.

Forty days.

Our leaders are marking the occasion with 40 days of prayer up until our historic inauguration date, from Sunday 14 May to Thursday 22 June.

During this time, we will pray together for renewal for ourselves, our communities, our world and our Church. We will participate in A Destiny Together: A Week of Prayer and Fasting during National Reconciliation Week from 27 May to 3 June 2017.

How can you participate:

  • Pray throughout the 40 days
  • Set aside time in your congregation to pray – each Sunday, for a day, for a time each day
  • Join with other congregations to pray together
  • Use the resources for A Destiny Together: A Week of Prayer and Fasting during National Reconciliation Week, as we stand together with First Peoples to deepen the covenant relationship we are committed to

Forty hours.

The first 40 hours of prayer will begin in Melbourne, from 3pm Sunday 14 May to 8am Tuesday 16 May, with our President, President-elect, Chairperson of the Uniting Aboriginal Islander and Christian Congress, Moderators and General Secretaries coming together to pray for the continuing life and renewal of the Uniting Church.

Where will they be praying?

Sunday 14 May 3.00pm-8.00pm Wesley Uniting Church, 148 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Monday 15 May 7.00am-9.00pm Synod Chapel, 130 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
Tuesday 16 May 7.00am-8.00am Synod Chapel, 130 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

The Church at prayer

We pray together: Six times throughout the 40 hours, we will pray corporately for 1 hour, with two people being responsible for guiding us through each of these periods.

We pray alongside each other: At other times we will pray in the same space together, taking breaks when we need them.

We hold the space: Throughout each of the two nights, we will hold the prayer space for each other using a roster where we pray for an hour, allowing others to rest and sleep

We listen for what God is saying to us: Throughout the 40 hours we will hold the Uniting Church before God, praying for renewal and listening for what God is saying to us.

Please pray with us, wherever you are

Date Time Flow
Sunday 14 May 3.00-4.00pm We pray together
  4.00-7.00pm We pray alongside each other
  7.00-8.00pm Contemplative service with Wesley UC congregation
Sunday 14 May – Monday 15 May 8.00pm – 7.00am We hold the space
Monday 15 May 7.00-8.00am We pray together
  8.00-11.00am We pray alongside each other
  11.00am-12.00pm We pray together
  12.00-4.00pm We pray alongside each other
  4.00-5.00pm We pray together
  5.00-8.00pm We pray alongside each other
  8.00-9.00pm We pray together
Monday 15 May – Tuesday 16 May 9.00pm-7.00am We hold the space
Tuesday 16 May 7.00-8.00am We pray together