Interim Redress Measures

This National Framework is created to provide the Church and its institutions guidance in adopting the final recommendations of the Royal Commission and to provide a process which ensures provision of equal access and equal treatment for survivors, regardless of the location, operator, type, continued existence or assets of the Church and its institution in which they were abused.

This document represents the Uniting Church’s commitment to redress as identified by the Royal Commission in its Redress and Civil Litigation report, August 2015.

We identify and acknowledge that circumstances are constantly changing and implementation of a redress scheme, in the form it was proposed by the Royal Commission, is looking unlikely.

In this changing environment, the Uniting Church remains committed to making redress possible within the environment in which we exist.

Where that environment requires us to respond differently to this framework, our response will continue to be governed by our commitment to being survivor focussed; open and accessible; individualised; and personal (where that is appropriate).

National Framework for Interim Redress Measures