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  • Christian Unity, Doctrine and Worship provides theological leadership in the Uniting Church in the three related areas of ecumenical activity, theological reflection and worship resourcing.

    Working at a national level, this area of ministry is involved in assisting the Uniting Church to reflect on, articulate and apply the Christian faith in God’s mission, ecumenical relationships and worship life.

    Christian Unity, Doctrine and Worship supports three specialist working groups: the Christian Unity Working Group, the Doctrine Working Group and the Worship Working Group in their tasks of advising the Assembly and contributing resources to the life of the church. 

    Our work in Christian Unity, Doctrine and Worship is headed up by Rev Dr Chris Walker who is the National Consultant.

    Christian Unity, Doctrine and Worship produces resources, papers, reports and articles of interest and fosters ecumenical relationships.



  • The purpose of dialogues with other churches is to work towards the unity of the church which is God's gift and will.

    The Uniting Church in Australia was formed around this vision of the church. The dialogue groups adopt specific aims within the broader purposes of seeking to promote greater understanding, developing areas of theological agreement, and finding ways of mutual sharing in mission as a way of fulfilling Jesus' prayer, "that they may be one, that the world may believe" (John 17:21).


Doctrine Working Group

  • The Doctrine Working Group resources the Uniting Church in relation to its theology.


Worship Working Group

  • The Worship Working Group seeks to enrich worship in the Uniting Church in Australia by developing resources, papers, educational tools and information to encourage and enliven worship life.


Christian Unity Working Group

  • The work of the Christian Unity Working Group is to assist the President and General Secretary in maintaining and developing these ecumenical relationships and in the oversight of the UCA teams which conduct the bi-lateral dialogues and conversations between the UCA and some of our partner churches within Australia.


Featured Doctrine Resource

  • DocBytes are short discussion starters exploring Uniting Church understandings and beliefs. These two-page papers are especially aimed at groups though they can also be used for personal reflection. They provide some input, questions, and also point to further reading options.