Thursday, 17 November 2016

CUDW Update

The Doctrine Working Group met on 10-11 November in Melbourne.

The Marriage issue is our major work. We had the President Stuart McMillan with us on the second day. There was discussion about the different groups people have been in touch with. Geoff Thompson will be sharing what we have been doing with Assembly Standing Committee.

The Christian Unity Working Group met on 15 November. We discussed the recent National Conference and the different world communions we are in touch with. We heard a report of the Lutheran dialogue.

Robert Gribben has resigned from the group after many years. His international contacts have benefitted us greatly. As a result, there is a vacancy on the working group. If anyone in the Melbourne region is interested let Chris Walker know and he will provide an Expression of Interest form.

There has been considerable concern over the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the USA. Chris Walker has written a blog on it.