Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Rev Dr Jeff Silcock

The Rev Dr Jeff Silcock began on the LCA/UCA Dialogue team in 1972 and became co-chair in 2006.

He has played a crucial role in the dialogue not only with the scholarship he brought but also his willingness to discuss all aspects of theology.

Jeff recognised that no matter what theological language each of our churches used it could never encompass the wholeness and mystery of our God.

However, It was important for us to explore how each church tried to convey their understanding of God and Christ. 

The call by Christ to live in unity (John 17:20-23) is the impetus for our continuing dialogue and Jeff was committed to this command of Christ.

This enabled us to move forward and discover how many theological concepts we held in common. Jeff was instrumental in moving the dialogue to begin work on a Concordat. He leaves the dialogue in a very positive place and with great hope for the future.