Worship Resources for 40th Anniversary of Uniting Church in Australia

UJ 40 Year Anniversary Logo FBThe Uniting Church in Australia celebrates its 40th Anniversary on 22 June 2017

The Working Group on Worship has gathered resources that can be used from Easter to Pentecost and beyond in the gathered worship of congregations, presbyteries and synods.  The aim is to invite people to celebrate God’s grace and goodness. This can also include other aspects of worship including confession, lament, intercession. 

music resources, including some written espcially for the UCA 40th anniversary

  • Called Together   lyrics   score    mp3 backing             writer: David Buschmusic band
  • Come Gather       lyrics   score                                      writers: Sue Crittall & Kathryn Yarrow
  • In a Church that's Moving Forward      lyrics                 writer: Andrew Williams
  • We Celebrate       lyrics    score    mp3 vocal demo      writer: David MacGregor

some further music resource suggestions (note: far from exhaustive)  

  • songs from the 14th UCA Assembly - theme: Hearts on Fire
  • Holy Spirit                        score                                                writers:  Sue Crittall & Kathryn Yarrow
  • How Long (a song of lament)    All Together for Good # 563   writer:    Robin Mann
  • Together to Celebrate     lyrics   score                                    writer:    David MacGregor
  • You died to set me free    score                                              writers:  Sue Crittall & Kathryn Yarrow
  • Spirit of Dreaming                                                                   writer: Allison Campbell Rate
  • God Gives Us a Future             Together in Song # 687          writer:    Elizabeth Smith
  • Community of Christ                Together in Song # 473          writer:    Shirley Erena Murray    
  • Holy Spirit Rain                         UCA 13th Assembly               writers:  Michael Earl & Phil Newton
  • Like a candle                          All Together for Good # 582      writers:  Craig Mitchell, Tim Beale, Roger Imms