New Worship Resources

The Assembly’s Worship Working Group has compiled new resources and guidelines to be used by Uniting Church congregations and Presbyteries.

The Reception of a Congregation or Faith Community into the Uniting Church

When a non-denominational congregation, faith community or from another denomination wishes to join the Uniting Church, this liturgy can be used to affirm the congregation.

The reception service can tell the story of the incoming congregation, and celebrate the diversity within the Uniting Church.

The Reception of a Group into a Congregation of the Uniting Church

When a Christian group that has been meeting separately wishes to join an already established congregation.

This service can be incorporated into normal Sunday worship, accepting the group of people into the life of the congregation.

Guidelines for Visiting Preachers or Speakers from other denominations to Uniting Church Congregations

These guidelines should be made available to visiting preachers and speakers to remind them of their responsibilities as they participate in Uniting Church worship.

Rite for the conclusion of a ministry placement

This rite is intended for use at the conclusion of a minister’s final worship service in a placement, as the dismissal rite at the end of the service.

Prior to this service representatives of the Congregation/Presbytery to which the minister will be going are invited to come and participate in the service. Preparing for your Funeral

This resource can assist family members in preparing for a funeral service - it also provides suggestions for scripture, hymns and prayers to be used.

A Prayer of Lament

Lead Pastor of Glenunga Uniting Church in SA Mark Schultz presented this Prayer of Lament at the SA Presbytery and Synod meeting in 2017.