Worship Resources and Publications

Brief biographies of famous Christian men and women.

The calendar may provide helpful resources for worship services, for preaching, for congregations that hold services during the week, or in Bible study, fellowship, or house groups. It may stimulate ideas for Christian education programs, for the work of the Sunday school, or for an address to young people during the Service of the Lord’s Day. 

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An Affirmation  of Faith - Calendar of Other Commemorations  download
Eucharistic Prayer of Thanksgiving - A Calendar of Other Commemorations  download

UCA Baptism Service - Korean translation  download
UCA Baptism Service - Fijian  translation  download    introduction
UCA Baptism Service - Fijiian [Hindi] translation  download
UCA Baptism Service - Tamil translation   download
UCA Baptism Service - Filipino translation   download     notes

UCA Marriage Service (from UIW2) - Samoan translation    download
UCA Marriage Service (from UIW2) - Fijian translation         download

UCA Holy Communion (from UIW2) - Fijian translation  download

The following publications offer an introduction to how different cultures express their faith and community life in worship, including Tongan, Korean, Vietnamese, Samoan and Niuean.

Worshipping the Tongan Way

Worshipping the Korean Way

Worshipping the Vietnamese Way

Worshipping the Samoan Way

Worshipping the Niuean Way

Marriage Services

Uniting Church in Australia Marriage Liturgy | DOWNLOAD PDF | DOWNLOAD MSWORD

Uniting Church in Australia Additional Marriage Liturgy (2018) | DOWNLOAD PDF | DOWNLOAD MSWORD


A Service of Healing for those whose Marriage has ended or is ending | DOWNLOAD PDF | DOWNLOAD MSWORD

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