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DocBytes are short discussion starters exploring Uniting Church understandings and beliefs. These two-page papers are especially aimed at groups though they can also be used for personal reflection. They provide some input, questions, and also point to further reading options.

Docbytes 2019

The Assembly Standing Committee has approved the following set of resources to assist Church members and the wider public in their understanding of the underlying questions behind the 15th Assembly's decision on marriage.



The following Docbytes were developed by the former Assembly Working Group on Doctrine over the past decade.

They sometimes arise from issues and discussions of a particular time, and they reflect the Doctrinal commitments of the Uniting Church at the time when they were written. Therefore, they should be read in this light. 

A process is currently underway to evaluate all of these resources and to determine where some of them may need to be “refreshed” in light of time which has passed since their initial creation.

All DocBytes can be downloaded and freely distributed to anyone interested.