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What are the beliefs of the Uniting Church?

The Uniting Church's beliefs are drawn from the Bible and from the Apostles' and Nicene creeds. The Church also heeds the Reformation Witness in the Scots Confession of Faith (1647), the Savoy Declaration (1658), and the preaching of John Wesley in his Forty Four Sermons (1793). It affirms the place of ongoing theological, literary, historical and scientific study. The UCA's Basis of Union (1971) brings together aspects of these writings and traditions and sets out the church's way of living and being.

The Uniting Church confidently believes that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God brings us into right relationship with God, whereby in faith we can:

  • Live in a close, loving, personal, dynamic relationship with the living God;
  • Participate in the worshipping, caring and serving community of Christians;
  • Receive God's gifts so that life can be what God means it to be - loving, purposeful, joyful, eternal; and
  • Tell others of this good news and live it out in acts of compassion, service and justice in the community.