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Christian Education report to the 13th Assembly 2012 provides an overview of current key areas of concern in education.

The Christian Education report to the 12th Assembly 2009 provides an overview of current key areas of concern in education.

National Education Charter (2002) offers broad principles and guidelines to members of the Uniting Church in Australia, regarding education in Australian society.

See following teaching and learning resources in Christian Education

The following details Uniting Church resources recommended for baptism and confirmation.

John and Olive Drane from the UK presented a plenary address at the recent "A Clear Call" Evangelism Conference in Adelaide. Here is a copy of their Powerpoint presentation. File size 2.4 mb

Walking Together is a set of resources designed to help Uniting Church members explore the Covenant between the UCA and Aboriginal and Islander peoples. The resources include a study guide, videos and worship resources.

DVD Slick cover thumbThe study booklet consists of two sessions accompanied by video clips. The study  sessions look at our past as a nation and a church and look toward the future as we seek a destiny together as First and Second peoples. The videos include interviews with Rev Dennis Corowa, Rev Denise Champion, Rev Alistair Macrae, President Stuart McMillan, Rev Myung Hwa Park, Rev Dr Chris Budden, Rev Prof Andrew Dutney, Ms Brooke Prentis and Rev Jason Kioa. 

The materials are all downloadable below. Videos are downloadable here. Print and disc copies are also available from the Assembly. Contact Anna Catliffe - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 02 8267 4262


The kit has been produced by Formation, Education and Discipleship in association with Christian Unity, Doctrine and Worship.