• The Uniting Church National History Society (UCNHS) was formed to preserve and promote the historical journey of the Uniting Church in Australia and its predecessor churches.

    We are a nation-wide community of people passionate about the past, present and future of our uniquely Australian church.

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    Access to our Biennial Conference Publications and Resources

    Plan the future direction and priorities of the UCNHS at our Annual General Meetings

    National Board


    William Emilsen


    Rev. Dr William W. Emilsen

    Glen OBrien

    Vice President

    Rev. Dr Glen O’Brien


    Judith Raftery


    Dr Judith Raftery

    Bob Coote


    Mr Bob Coote

    Patricia Curthoys

    New South Wales

    Dr Patricia Curthoys

    Alison Longworth

    Western Australia

    Rev. Dr Alison Longworth

    Julia Pitman


    Rev. Dr Julia Pitman

    Steve Orme

    Northern Territory

    Rev. Steve Orme

    Robert Renton


    Rev. Robert Renton





    June 2019

    Finding a Home in the Uniting Church
    2nd Biennial History Conference


    The Centre for Theology and Ministry

    29 College Crescent, Parkville, Victoria, 3052


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