Holiness & Social Justice

The Uniting Church in Australia and The Salvation Army have a strong theological commitment to holiness and social justice as a shared understanding of Christian faith and life.

The dialogue between the two churches has resulted in this book: ‘Holiness & Social Justice’.

‘Holiness & Social Justice’ is guided by six theological affirmations:

  1. Grace is not only God’s gracious favour bestowed upon the undeserving; it is also God’s empowerment, enabling lives that reflect God’s holy character.
  2. In both Old and New Testaments, love for God and neighbour is the characteristic mark of those who are holy.
  3. ‘Perfection’ is not to be understood in the philosophical sense of absoluteness, but in terms of the loving character of God.
  4. The gift of the Spirit, given to all believers, both demands and enables a new way of living.
  5. Personal holiness can never be divorced from engagement with the world and has profoundly political dimensions.
  6. The perfecting of human beings, so that by grace they become partakers of the divine nature, is but part of a broader perfecting of all creation in an eschatological renewal of the entire universe.

The book is available for download in .pdf and in .epub formats.

Holiness & Social Justice [pdf]

Holiness & Social Justice [epub]