Interfaith September 2016


What is Interfaith September?

Interfaith September is an opportunity to build understanding and friendship with people of other faiths.

As Christians, we believe diversity is a part of God's creation. Our faith in Christ calls us to live together in peace and love and to engage in genuine dialogue with people of other faiths.

In Australia today, there is much work to do healing divisions caused by ignorance, fear and poor understanding. But by reaching out to people of other faiths, we can make a difference.

When we come together, we realise how similar we are. We appreciate our differences in a much more nuanced way. The friendships we make can transform and enrich us.

Standing together, we send a strong message to those around us about our shared desire for peace and harmony.  

We invite you to get involved in Interfaith September in any way that suits you. You may follow the worship resource each week, theme a sermon, use a suggested hymn or host an event. You may choose another time of year that is more suitable. It is up to you. 

This year we have produced four resources:


  • Lectionary Guide A week-by-week reflection on the gospels contained in the Lectionary for September with four different interfaith themes.

  • Worship Resource Alongside the Lectionary Guide, the worship resource includes sermon starters, links to other resources, an Order of Service and other ideas.

  • Videos Six videos sharing stories of interfaith friendship. These are matched with the four weekly themes of the Lectionary Guide and could be shared during worship or community gatherings.

  • Interfaith Action Ideas and tips for how you can reach out to people of other faiths and build on understanding and friendship 

We are grateful to UCA theologian Rev. Dr Clive Pearson for his work compiling the interfaith reflections and worship resources.

We look forward to hearing how you have participated in Interfaith September this year.

Wishing you a fruitful and enriching journey!

Rev. Michael Barnes
Convenor, Assembly Relations with other Faiths Working Group

For questions related to Interfaith September, please contact the Assembly RoF Working Group via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.