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  • The Uniting Church rejoices in diversity of races, cultures and languages as God’s gracious gift to the human family.

    In 1985, the Uniting Church Assembly made the declaration “We are a multicultural church.” We continue on our journey to fully realise what it means to be a multicultural church, living faith and life cross-culturally.


    We do this by:

    • building relationships that are based on mutual respect, collaboration and recognition of the gifts and calling of peoples of diverse cultural and language backgrounds

    • assisting the Church to fully utilise the gifts and calling of members from culturally diverse backgrounds

    • continuing to develop respectful and reconciling relationships with First peoples across the life of the church

    • developing culturally sensitive and appropriate policies that respond to the needs of UCA members

    • fostering models of cross-cultural ministry and mission, outreach and evangelism that reflect the hospitality of God


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Space for Grace 
By Rev. Dr Apwee Ting, National Director

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