Thursday, 05 April 2012

Marhaba Community 1st Anniversary Celebration

Saturday 31st March saw the first anniversary celebrations of the Marhaba Community Meeting at Wesley Uniting Church in Perth, Western Australia.

Begun in April, 2011 by the Rev. Dr Emanuel Audisho, Multicultural Ministry Co-ordinator for the Uniting Church Synod of Western Australia, the Marhaba Community has blossomed into one of the blessings of the Church.

Hospitality and service are at the heart of Dr Audisho’s ministry to the Perth community. These are no more evident than when he is among members and visitors of the Marhaba Community. Sharing stories, prayer, music and food are regular activities of the Community’s meetings.

At the first anniversary celebrations, this included the sharing of a song in Romanian by a Community member, prayers and reflections by others, and an African song and dance presentation by Moses and Sarah Odartei of African Music Circles. Moses and Sarah brought colour, energy, and vitality to the meeting, particularly when teaching those assembled some African dances.

As is usual, the meeting finished with a fine feast, including a first anniversary cake. Members of the community enjoyed the opportunity to meet and chat with others. Sandra Keelty of the Congregation Mission Support Unit of the Synod of Western Australia commented ‘Wesley Marhaba’s 1st Anniversary was a joyous and wonderful occasion well attended by all cultures, singing dancing an awesome celebration!’

We wish the Marhaba Community well as it moves into its second year.

Bronwyn Thompson -  Education and Project Officer, Uniting Faith & Discipleship


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