This Spanish translation for the Marriage Service is from Uniting in Worship 2, p361-380. Thanks to Rev. Esteban Liévano for the translation. 

The paper Space for grace - living in the ‘grace margin’ in respectful, empowering, and inclusive decision-making, was prepared by the Multicultural and Cross Cultural National Reference Committee as a resource for the Assembly, particularly for the building of genuine and respectful conversations which embrace the full cultural diversity of the Uniting Church. 

Lent Event is UnitingWorld's call to individuals and Churches to embrace simple living, to give up something from daily life and donate the money saved to support clean water, justice, peace and Christian Leadership projects.

They have excellent resources to guide congregations and individuals through the 40 days of Lent including videos, reflections, action ideas, group resources, fundraising ideas and resources to become a Lent Event Coordinator.

Sign up or download resources on the Lent Event website. 

This new translation contains both the English and Fijian languages for the Marriage Service in the UCA. 

Learn how to say Welcome in many languages with this resource.

For copies of the MCCM's Welcome Poster to display in your church please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The 11th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia adopted the document A Church for all God's People as a vision statement and renewed the Church's commitment to be a multicultural and cross cultural community. 

The statement outlines the biblical underpinnings for a multicultural church and identifies key principles for building a cross-cultural community.

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A statement adopted by the 4th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia July 1985

The statement One Body Many Members, Living faith and life cross culturally was adopted by the 13th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia in 2012. It calls upon the Uniting Church in Australia in all its settings to be a true multicultural church living its faith and life cross-culturally.

It recognises the delcaration made by the Uniting Church in 1985: "We are a multicultural Church" and provides the Church with the faithful marks of living out this commitment. It follows on from the affirmation made in 2006, "A Church for all God's People."

The Building Bridges DVD and Study Guide highlights the biblical and theological basis for why cross cultural ministry is at the heart of our communal life. The two DVDs and the accompanying Study Guide can be used by individuals, groups or congregations for group study in the practice of growing disciples in their faith. 

Rev. Dr. Jovili Meo, former Chairperson of the Fijian National Conference, kindly produces weekly bible studies alongside the UCA Lectionary. These are written in Fijian and are shown below. 

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For Multicultural and Cross Cultural inquiries

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