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Workshop Resources

Assembly Multicultural and Cross Cultural ministry guides workshops which explore multicultural and multi-faith relationships. 

Building Bridges: Cross Cultural Relations

In seeking to live out our declaration as a multicultural church that celebrates diversity and respects difference, it is vital that we identify and overcome the barriers that exist between people because of different cultural backgrounds.

Building Bridges: Cross Cultural Relations is a two day workshop equipping participants with knowledge and skills needed to build bridges of understanding. Those who complete this workshop become part of a network of people in the Uniting Church concerned to overcome racism and grow cross-cultural relations.

The workshop can be run in synods and presbyteries, congregations and theological colleges and centres for lay education.

Through scripture, stories and role play, small group dialogue and interactive exercises, participants will: 

  • Develop greater awareness and skills to understand the significance of people’s different cultural backgrounds and experiences.
  • Reflect on biblical themes that undergird a commitment to celebrating diversity and respecting difference.
  • Better understand and identify elements of racism within the Australian context reflect on the systems of oppression that separate people because of their differences.
  • Be encouraged to take specific steps to reduce one's own ethnocentrism in relating to people of different backgrounds.
  • Identify some of the bridges needed and begin to explore ways of bridging racial, cultural and other divisions in the congregations, communities and work situations from which people come.

Living Togther as God's People 

A one-day workshop for congregations that share property, a vital issue in the life of a multicultural church.


Living Together as God’s People in this Place is a resource developed by the Assembly Working Group on Intentional Multicultural and Cross-cultural Ministry. The sharing of property remains a vital issue in the life of a multicultural church. It can be a source of problems and headaches, misunderstanding and hurts as well as providing the opportunity to engage deeply with one another in relationships of mutual enrichment and joint learning. Sharing property has long been recognised as a gospel, justice and mission issue. This resource helps Presbyteries as they do mission planning in places where two or more congregations share the same property. Living Together as God’s People in this Place is used by Presbytery Ministers and Mission officers and Synod cross-cultural committees to facilitate one-day workshops as needed within presbyteries. It seeks to encourage a transformative encounter between two or more congregations/groups sharing property.

The aim of the workshop is to invite groups of people who share property, to be involved in a process of intentional sharing and cross-cultural conversation leading towards mutually enriching relationships that reflect the love, justice, and hospitality of God.

The workshop will:

  • Provide an opportunity for participants listen to each others’ stories and reflect on the points of enrichment and tension in their shared life.
  • Enable a deeper understanding of one another and foster a sense of partnership and shared vision for ministry and mission.
  • Begin the process of developing some agreed patterns, strategies and intentional ways of working together to enable the relationships to grow into the future. (This may take the form of a written ‘Covenant’ or agreed ‘Statement on Sharing’ that will guide their ongoing journey together).

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