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The following publications offer an introduction to how different cultures express their faith and community life in worship, including Tongan, Korean, Vietnamese, Samoan and Niuean.

The Assembly has translated a number of materials into various languages. Listed by language below are translated materials, including The Basis of Union, and some words and phrases that relate to hospitality and worship.

In the Uniting Church in Australia, there are 185 congregations and faith communities from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds. The UCA has more than 220 CALD ministers. Across the Church, 25 different languages are spoken. There are 12 National Conferences which support congregations of the same culture in their life within the Uniting Church.

Cultural diversity within the Uniting Church is increasing.  

View Multicultural and Cross-cultural Ministry policies from 1985-2009.

The declaration that the Uniting Church in Australia is a multicultural Church for all God's people sets us on a journey of continual discovery and renewal. One Great Sunday of Sharing helps us to keep this focus at the heart of our common life in the UCA. It is held each year on the 3rd Sunday in July, or another date best suited to the local setting.

The following is a list of helpful books, publications and DVDs for those engaged in multicultural and cross cultural ministry.

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