Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Save the Date for Discipleship in 2014

2014 will be a huge year of opportunity for Uniting Church members to grow in their disclipleship. Major events include President Rev. Prof. Andrew Dutney's National Ministers' Conferences.

Following the pattern of previous Presidents, there will be National Ministers' Conferences in three locations:

1. Charleville (30 June – 4 July) with a focus on renewed commitment to remote Australia.
2. Sydney (21-25 July) with a focus on "living faith and life cross culturally."
3. Jerusalem (22-26 September) with a focus on the foundations of faith and ministry in Biblical history and geography, the challenges of witnessing to Christ among people of other faiths, and the UCA's continuing commitment to fellowship and solidarity with the Palestinian Christian community.

The 13th Assembly declared that there would be "a season of teaching and learning" on Christian faith and discipleship.

Ministers, who are able to take two weeks study leave to engage in some form of continuing education, and  all members of the Church  are encouraged to be lifelong learners as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Other conferences include:

National Conference on Mission and Evangelism, "A Clear Call" (Friday 28 – Sunday 30 March) to be held in Adelaide.

This conference came from a desire expressed at the first national Young Adult Leaders' Conference in February 2012 which was taken up by the National Mission and Evangelism Network. The conference is open to anyone but particularly those involved in leadership, ministry, missional innovation and in service across a variety of contexts – congregations, schools, agencies. Uniting College for Leadership and Theology will offer an intensive on mission and leadership as an adjunct to the conference in the week that follows.

The Doctrine Working Group, in conjunction with the United Theological College and Uniting Mission and Education, will hold "back to back" conferences on the Basis of Union and Preaching to enable people to attend both easily.

Basis of Union (Friday 22 – Sunday 24 August) to be held in Sydney at the Centre for Ministry.
This conference will be something of a follow up to the successful conference held in Melbourne a few years ago.

Preaching (Monday 25 – Thursday 28 August) to be held in Sydney at the Centre for Ministry.
These conferences will constitute Seminar Week for the NSW/ACT Synod in 2014.

Registration and further details will be avaialble shortly on the Assembly website http://assembly.uca.org.au