Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fresh Words and Deeds [Limited places left]

The Uniting Church thanks God for the continuing witness and service of evangelist, of scholar, of prophet and of martyr. We pray that we may be ready when occasion demands to confess our Lord in fresh words and deeds−from the Basis of Union, paragraph 11

What is the conference for?

The purpose of the conference is to bring together Ministers from across all the Synods

  • to share their expertise and experiences with each other,
  • to offer and be offered resources that make a positive difference to the practice of ministry, and
  • to be refreshed in their vocation as ministers of the Gospel.

The core program of the conference (4 sessions) is devoted to this purpose and is repeated in each location. In addition, the conference takes on a special focus suggested by the setting in which it is repeated (4 sessions plus an exposure visit). In addition, significant periods of free time are included in the program for personal rest, recreation and refreshment.

Who may attend?

  • Ministers of the Word and Deacons in active service or awaiting placement
  • people serving in the specified ministries of Pastor or Youth Worker
  • lay people serving in Presbytery, Synod or Assembly positions which would be designated as placements if filled by someone serving in a specified ministry

In effect, all those under the particular discipline and placement of the Uniting Church are eligible to attend.

Ministers’ spouses may also attend. The core of the program is for Ministers only, but accompanying spouses are welcome to participate in the rest of the program.

Where is the conference being held?

To register for the National Minister's Conference in Jerusalem:

Jerusalem (22-26 September)

Jerusalem offers a context within which to attend to the foundations of faith and ministry in Biblical history and geography, the challenges of witnessing to Christ among people of other faiths, and the UCA’s continuing commitment to fellowship and solidarity with the Palestinian Christian community. Two “add-on” exposure trips are being planned – one to visit key Biblical sites, the other to visit Palestinian Christian communities. Resourced by Uniting Faith and Discipleship and the Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre, the conference will enable participants to discern the “fresh words and deeds” demanded of those who would confess Christ in the presence of other faiths and in the midst of conflict.