Friday, 15 May 2015

Liturgy and Prayer for South Sudan

This liturgy and prayer is to assist UCA members to share their prayers for the people of South Sudan, and South Sudanese members of the Uniting Church in Australia, as their homeland, families and friends are threatened by escalating violence.

Armed forces are closing in on villages in Jonglei State in South Sudan in the latest development of tribal and political violence which has swept across that country over the past 17 months. This area includes the home village of UCA Pastor Moses Leth of the Nuer UC Faith Community in Brisbane. Many members of the Faith Community are from that region or have family there. There are grave fears for their home communities and Pastor Moses has sought prayers from the wider UCA for this situation, especially for the elderly, women and children, who are at great risk


Liturgy for South Sudan


Preparation: • One clear candle and the Christ candle are lit prior to worship.

Reader 1: Recent days have seen renewed conflict and suffering for Uniting Church partners in South Sudan.

Reader 2: We come before the God of compassion who aches with those hurting in the world.
In all, over 2 million people in South Sudan remain displaced, with more than 1.5 million internally, and some 500,000 in neighbouring countries. More than 2.5 million people face severe food insecurity and this figure will most likely increase significantly.

There is an urgent need for an end to fighting and concluding a comprehensive peace agreement in order to turn South Sudan towards the path of peace and stability.

Reader 1: The crucified Christ demonstrated that God is a fellow sufferer who wills to share our lot. This day our God is with those suffering in South Sudan.

Reader 2: The suffering God calls us into the way of solidarity with our church partners and the people of South Sudan. The creator God urges us to take all steps possible to care for the creation and for all people.

We stand in silence and we offer up our prayers.


Prayer for South Sudan 

Gracious God, We lift before you the people of South Sudan who, once again, are in the midst of a political and security crisis.

Four years ago, we rejoiced with them as they gained independence and became the world’s newest nation. Now our hearts are heavy as we hear the news of renewed conflict.

We mourn with those who have lost loved ones in this current unrest, with the children and adults who have become traumatised again and again, for those who are injured, imprisoned and hiding.

God of reconciliation, send your Spirit of unity and peace to speak to the hearts of those who are inciting violence. Keep our church partners and mission personnel safe and be their ‘rock” as they look to you for strength and guidance. Be with our partners the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan and the Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency.

Strengthen them with the power of your Holy Spirit as they witness to the strong love of Christ, advocating for peace and justice.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.