Friday, 12 February 2016

Disrupt your routine for Lent

Here in the UnitingWorld office, the smells from the lunch room aren’t as tantalising as usual. 

Some of us have given up buying lunch, are farewelling snacks or making water our only beverage - goodbye tea, coffee or alcohol (not at work!).

It’s not the only thing that makes the season of Lent memorable, but it’s certainly one of the more concrete disruptions to our ordinary routine. It’s this disruption - with its reminder of our call to discipleship - that ultimately allows us to grow.

Lent is 40 days to connect more deeply with God, each other and the global body of Christ. We’re invited, as Jesus was during his time in the wilderness, to strip back what’s unnecessary in order to focus on the Spirit, on the places we lay our feet and on our purpose in the world. As we do, we reflect also on our brothers and sisters who live in some of the most challenging parts of this globe. 

Giving or taking up something during Lent is a small symbol of a greater reality. Cutting back on television, reducing the use of our cars, committing to walking 6 km a day, reading and meditating on the Scriptures each morning and a whole host of other small challenges represent our willingness both to live more simply and to allow ourselves to be shaped in the spaces we create for God by removing these items from our lives.

What are you giving up or taking up during Lent?

How do you imagine you’ll grow through this time of focus? 

Are you looking forward to meeting and supporting people in places who live with far fewer luxuries than us?

This year we’ve provided a whole range of resources including videos, ideas for ways to talk to children about Lent, an App, worship material and weekly challenges for you to take up. 

You can find them at