Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Becoming the Church We Already Are

At lunch in the kitchen on Monday this week, I had a conversation with Rev. Dr Ji Zhang (Manager, Church Partnerships, Asia for Uniting World). We wondered together what our Church would need to return to, hold on to, if we had no property.

Ji shared with me comments from one of our partners whose Church through challenging times had held to prayer for each other and support, worship, and reading and preserving the Scripture.

When I met with the General Secretaries in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, apart from what you’d expect us to be talking about, we made a list of what we thought the Uniting Church would look like in 10 years time, if all our hopes and dreams came true.

I wonder what your wish list would include? What would be your hopes for the Uniting Church if we were being authentically ourselves, being who we said we would be, staying true to what we claim is important to us?

We were helped with our conversations by an afternoon with Rev. Prof. Andrew Dutney, who reflected with us on ‘The UCA and the Renewal of the Church’. There were important conversations about the genesis of our Church and learnings about ongoing renewal from the beginning.

Last week, we inducted Rev. John Cox as the Executive Officer for the Royal Commission National Task Group. How we respond with fierce commitment to our responsibilities in this work provides a clear image of who we are as the Uniting Church.

The continuing important work by John, Maria Degabriele, the National Task Group and Synod Task Groups, is a priority for us over the coming years as the Royal Commission finishes its work in 2017, and we attend to our processes and policies, as well as our culture, to create a safe place in our Church for children.

Here at the Assembly, we’re encouraging each other, and learning more about what we do together. If you’re in the Sydney office on a Monday morning at 9am, stop in for our Monday Morning Briefing to hear what’s happening.