Thursday, 31 March 2016

"Children do not have a junior Holy Spirit"

"Children do not have a junior Holy Spirit." I love this meme that has been circulating on the internet. It serves as a simple reminder that we too easily belittle the spiritual lives of children. 

Godly Play expert Dr Rebecca Nye says, "Children's spirituality is like a child." Child-like, not childish. We have as much to learn from children about faith as they have to learn from us.

In Adelaide and in Ulverstone, Tasmania recently I have been speaking about nurturing the faith of children in a digital world. Both events were ecumenical, state-wide training events hosted by passionate enthusiasts for ministry with children and families.

As a parent whose oldest children have just moved out of home, I suddenly know the feeling of "where did those years go?" between birth and adulthood.

Within the gratification of seeing well-adjusted, fairly mature and happy young adults is a feeling of loss -"What if?" and "If only?" and "I regret..."

The nurture of children takes places very slowly AND overnight!

The little moments matter. John Westerhoff said that faith is caught more than taught.

Who we are matters as much or more than what we know. That doesn't mean that the substance of faith is meaningless; rather it reminds us that God sent his child, not a chapter, to save us.

Read the full article on my blog “Growing Disciples” and save these dates for our upcoming FED events. 

Craig Mitchell
National Director
Formation, Education and Discipleship

Coming Events

Reimagining Faith Formation for the 21st Century – A Teaching Intensive and a National Conference featuring John Roberto: 23-28 August, 2016 – Sydney. Co-sponsored by NSW-ACT Synod and Assembly Formation, Education & Discipleship.

National Young Adults’ Leaders Conference 8-13 July, Gold Coast.

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