Thursday, 18 January 2007

A fresh approach to deepening and sharing our faith

A new publication, aimed at fostering faith development, faith sharing and which will share a positive message about the Uniting Church and Christianity in general is being launched in February as a joint venture between the Synod of Western Australia and the National Assembly.

The Transit Lounge, a fortnightly zine (electronic magazine) is a response to the growing need within the Uniting Church membership for a publication that can show the broader picture of the work of the Uniting Church, encourage faith development and have a mission focus.


For The Transit Lounge’s Editor, Alison Atkinson-Phillips, who is also the WA Synod ‘s Media and Communication Manager, the project is about offering new ways to connect with people on the margins of the church or those inside the church who want to reflect on the nature of faith and life from a contemporary Christian perspective

“There is a growing need within our own Church membership for a publication that is able to show the broader picture of the work of the Church and encourage faith development and a mission focus.”

“Today, more than ever people are looking to explore issues of spirituality in a way that can help to make meaning of what’s going on around them. There are many opportunities for the Christian community to speak to issues that are close to our heart and connect with the felt needs of people. Probably more so than at any time in the last 20 years there is openness to areas of conversation that might be referred to as being about “spiritual things” or “faith”.

“For people looking to explore their own faith and spirituality, the Transit Lounge offers a no strings forum to explore and learn more. And for people who are part of the Christian faith, the Transit Lounge will offer new insights and ways to reflect.” Alison said.

Utilising the internet and a fortnightly newsletter which is emailed to subscribers, The Transit Lounge, will offer stories in wide range of news and feature categories; from culture and arts to news and current affairs as well as regular blogs (opinion pieces) and an internet-based discussion forum where readers can discuss issues raised in each edition.

Subscription is free and the first edition will be launched in mid February. To subscribe visit