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Friday, 10 November 2006

Ambassador77 set to rock NCYC 2007


For the members of Ambassador77, making music is a God-filled process — but they’re adamant that the music they make is for everyone, Christians and non-Christians alike. As the main evening entertainment at NCYC 2007, they hope to share some of their passion for their faith via their music.

The band members — vocalist and guitarists Nick Dubé and Tim McHutchison, bassist Nathan Carey and drummer Tim Dubé — grew up together at their local church, Melbourne’s Rowville Baptist, and started making music together in their teens. Ambassador77 was formed in 2002.

They’re now in the throes of recording their second EP, and thanks to a partnership with a Melbourne’s Melodic Music, they’re well on the way to fulfilling one of their main aims: to be Christians in the mainstream music industry, staying true to their faith and making great music.

Nick says that while he is intensely aware of God’s role in the creative process, the band is discreet about its Christian roots.

“God’s a big part of my life, so he naturally becomes a big part of my songs. I feel like each song is a gift from God, and often they just come to me with ease, but I’ve never been inspired to write songs that are overtly Christian,” he explained.

“That approach allows us to play in a pub scene and have that content in our lyrics without people being freaked out or scared away … and it opens the door for us to be able to go in and work with people in the mainstream industry, which is where we feel we can have the biggest impact.

“We’re pretty out there with the fact that we’re Christians, but we don’t want anyone to ever get their back up and feel like we’re excluding them.”

Nick says that through his lyrics, he tries to express honest feelings that others — whether Christian or not — will be able to relate to. But sometimes he finds God working through the songs in unexpected ways.

The band has just recorded a song called “Two Weeks”, which Nick says reflects his feeling of being lost in the busyness of life, and not able to stop and spend time with his wife: “To see your face without the haste of time would lift me up … to hear your voice without the haste of time would lift me up.”

Nick said that it was only after he finished recording the song that he realised a lot of the lyrics in it expressed his yearning to spend more time with God as well.

“I looked at those three lines and realised it’s a longing to see God’s face as well; for God to hold my hand through the busyness of life. Sometimes we work really hard on the lyrics in a focussed, practical way, and at the end of those songs we look at what’s come out and see meanings that we didn’t mean to come out of it.

“I like to be pretty real about my own struggles in my life and about what’s scaring me, what I need help with. People can connect to honesty,” he said.

Nick grew up in the church and says that although he didn’t have the “radical conversion experience” that some Christians do, he started to take the Gospel message more seriously at around age 18 after attending a Soul Survivor event.

He hopes some young people will have the same experience at NCYC. “That’s something I’d like to see there — kids experiencing Jesus in a real and relevant way that hits them right where they’re at,” he said.

You can see Ambassador77 live at NCYC on Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Monday 8th January, 2007.