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Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Open letter sent from Migrant leaders to their communities


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Greetings to you from the National Assembly. The President of the Assembly, Rev Gregor Henderson, invited leaders from our migrant communities to meet with him for a pastoral conversation about how our migrant communities were feeling after the
11th Assembly. On Friday 22 September these leaders met with the President in Sydney.

A very positive meeting took place in which the experience and issues faced by our migrant communities were shared in an honest and open way. It was clear that the overwhelming majority of migrant congregations very much value belonging to the Uniting Church. There was a good deal of discussion and concern expressed about the Reforming Alliance proposal to establish an Assembly of
Confessing Congregations. During the meeting the initiative was taken by the migrant leaders to share with their communities and the wider church their views and concerns. This letter introduces to you the Open Letter that has been written by individual leaders from across the various migrant communities of the Uniting Church. I commend it prayerfully to you. Grace and Peace, Terence Corkin