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Tuesday, 09 May 2006

Prayers for Beaconsfield

10 May 2006

We pray for all who have had one focus for the last two weeks, the freeing of those trapped underground. In the glare of the days that are to come, when all returns to a sort of normal, help families find new depths in a time of release.

Bring we pray that realisation of the way you hold us in ways that are within and beyond our ways of knowing. Help us treasure our freedom to live our days for the ones we love in our local and wider communities. In the name of Christ. Amen.

9 May 2006

Lord it is a day for shouting thanks, and a day of lament. The joy and sadness of life locked into one day. Be with the Beaconsfield community as they walk this amazing day with the families of Brant Webb and Todd Russell, and kneel to give thanks with loved ones for the life of Larry Knight.

We thank you for the work of rescuers, and carers, providing support in the height of exhilaration, and the depths of grief.

And now with the mine closed for safety investigations may their still be hope for the future of this community, bonded together by adversity, finding courage for the journeys still to come. In your mercy O God we pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

President's reflection on Beaconsfield

5 May 2006

Immediately after the rock fall trapped three miners at Beaconsfield, in Tasmania, Frances Seen, the Uniting Church Community Minister there opened the church from 7am-9pm so that miners, and friends and members in the community could come, light a candle, reflect, pray, and go on their way. So many did.

Last Sunday in the worship service prayers were said for those in grief and those still not found as the Rev. Allan Thompson, the Synod Officer led worship with her. The sadness of the family at the death of their own (name) was followed that night by the most amazing announcement as rescuers ran to the church to share the good news with the community. “They are alive.”

We are now all involved. I rang Frances and talked with her on Monday morning. She was tired, but I assured her that we were all praying with her and the community, in this their longer vigil. And now the long waiting for an extremely difficult rescue has all of us on edge. We wait for news, we long for news when we are in that in between time of hope anticipated, but hope not yet fulfilled. We can see them stepping out into the glare of the television lights, and hardly wait for the joy of that event, yet all in Beaconsfield know the difficulties which must be overcome.

We must also be mindful of the deep hope of Beaconsfield that the community which is dependant on this mine has a future, as they too wait to see whether this will also be fulfilled.

The church has been flooded with people, townsfolk, visitors, politicians, quietly holding in their thoughts and prayers those still trapped, those rescuing them, and their families. And people keep on lighting their candles of vigil and hope.

And we too know something about that sort of waiting; and that sort of hoping; and the need for some sort of space to find ourselves before the God who sustains us in hope.

Lord in your mercy, restore these men to their families. Guard those who are there with them in this rescue mission. Bring your consolation to those in the midst of grief and hope for a community with an uncertain future. In the name of Jesus Christ, on whom we wait and in whom our deepest hopes are fulfilled. Amen

Rev. Dr Dean Drayton.

In memoriam to Larry Knight with prayers for Brant Webb and Todd Russell.