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Tuesday, 28 March 2006

The Aftermath of Cyclone Larry

The North Queensland Presbytery Minister, the Rev Bruce Cornish, has visited widely in the area during the week and the minister in Innisfail the Rev Glen Louttit led a service of thanksgiving and remembrance in the Town Hall, the Sunday after Cyclone Larry devastated Innisfail and surrounding areas. Glen says that the situation is still catastrophic with electricity provided by generators, and most other services not yet available. He estimates over 30,000 people lived through this traumatic and catastrophic time, with the force of the winds greater than that of Katrina or the cyclone that devastated Darwin. The Moderator of the Queensland Synod the Rev David Pitman and the Gen Secretary of the Synod, the Rev Jenny Tymms, are in regular contact with the area. Church buildings and manses suffered minimal damage. Some members of congregations have lost their homes and their livelihoods. Many volunteers from churches to the South and North of the region are helping. The destruction is massive, the cleanup is on such a large scale, and the time to rebuild will take months and years. Let us continue to pray for those in the Innisfail area, in the immediate aftermath of this disaster, and vow to keep on remembering them during the long task of getting life back to normal. The Queensland Synod is receiving non tax deductible donations that can be more flexibly dispersed, and for those who want to receive the benefit of the tax deduction the request is to give through the Commonwealth Bank Appeal. Representatives of the Assembly’s National Disaster Fund have been in contact with the Presbytery Chairperson for North Queensland and the Synod Secretary assuring them that there are funds available through this source to assist the UCA’s response. Rev Dr Dean Drayton

Lord God of the winds and waves, of energy and order, we pray for those who have experienced the fury of forces that have devastated their region and struck terror into many hearts. We give thanks for the security of our own precious worlds of home and street and job. We pray for those for whom these have been crumpled up like roofs in a screaming gale, and now feel so bereft and exposed to the forces of this universe, and their own deepest feelings of loss and exposure. Keep before us the ways we can help rebuild shattered buildings, and devastated fields. And give understanding and insight to those who find the tears so close to the surface, bubbling up unheralded when the memories come of the fear and the helplessness huddling before the seemingly never ending wind and rain.

We pray wisdom for those who are given the task of restoring order, hope for those whose needs are great, and patience for those who know there are no quick solutions. Through Cyclone Larry’s threat to community may new communities be built, bringing new life to the area, new relationships with government, and a new confidence in life. As you give, O God, rich and full and always beyond what we expect, help us too, to grow in such generosity. Through Him who lived through a shattered world, to a cross and a resurrection, even Jesus Christ our Lord, we pray. Amen.