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Monday, 20 March 2006

Celebrating in the Centre

A man is his friends and the Reverend John Flynn made many of them, in the remotest parts of Australia, and in the cities and towns as well. He spread a ‘Mantle of Safety’ over the Inland, and brought it into the imagination of a nation.

Part of his vision was the design and building of Adelaide House in Alice Springs, a Nursing hostel, Bush Mothers hostel, manse and now museum which celebrates 80 years of service to Central Australia as a ‘Place for People’.

50 years ago, Flynn’s friends came together to build a Memorial to the Man and his vision. He never had time to build his dreamed for ‘Inland Cathedral’ – he was too busy building people, he said – so five years after his death, his friends built it for him.

The Uniting Church Congregation in Alice Springs is hosting a weekend of celebrations for the 50th and 80th Anniversaries of the John Flynn Memorial Church and Adelaide House and is inviting everyone and anyone who shares the story of these places to celebrate with us.