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Thursday, 31 March 2005

The Tsunami Wall

“The Tsunami Wall” is one creative response to the Tsunami being offered at the Flinders University of South Australia by Uniting Church Chaplain, Geoff Boyce.

Geoff and Rabbi Patti Kopstein, members of Flinders Multifaith Chaplaincy, invited staff and students to paint, draw or scribble their thoughts and feelings on “The Wall” during the month of March.

“Asian students, in particular, have stopped to paint and draw using their own languages and symbols,” said Rabbi Patti.
‘Some students have been touched by this opportunity and have said that they are going away to ‘think about it before returning to add their expression”.

Panels will now be hinged together to form an artistic installation as a memorial to those who lost their lives and a tribute to those who have donated their money and lives in the rebuilding effort.

“The Tsunami has had a big impact on Universities because of the number of students, past and present, who come from affected areas and because university staff and graduates are rising to the challenges in >response to the devastation,” said Geoff.