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Friday, 08 August 2008

UCA takes action against climate change

The Uniting Church has been one of the key instigators of a multi-faith call for action on climate change.

A group of some 39 religious leaders, representing Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Baha’i, Buddhist and Hindu faiths, have this week sent an open letter to the Federal Government calling for action.

The letter coincided with a visit to Australia by leaders from the Pacific Conference of Churches. The UCA is deeply concerned for the small Pacific island nations that are already experiencing devastation as a result of climate change.

Many of the signatories met today at the National Council of Churches to discuss efforts in this area and what the future might hold if we provide a united multi-faith front to the government and the wider community. 

Representatives from the Uniting Church, the Anglican Church and the Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Baha’I faith communities came along to the informal morning tea.

Also attending was Fei Tevi, General Secretary of the Pacific Council of Churches. Fei highlighted the need for religious groups to take action or, at the very least, make noise about this issue. Everyone was in agreement that religious groups are uniquely placed to take a leadership role and to work together for change.

After the success of today’s discussions, it seems that the UCA will now be planning for and leading a multi-faith delegation to meet with federal politicians in Canberra later this year, to talk about all these issues and more.

Watch this space!