Friday, 18 November 2016

Have a Talanoa for Climate Justice

Written by Shane Gillard

The Talanoa4Climate initiative was launched at Strathfield Uniting Church to plan faith communities’ next public action for climate justice.

A "talanoa" in Pacific languages is an opportunity to talk and share stories together.

This initiative began in response to the success of the People's Climate March last year.

Church and community leaders heard moving stories from two young women growing up in the low-lying island nation of Kiribati.

Climate change is not an abstract concept to Tinaai Teaua and Vasili Tebamare.

Rising sea levels are their reality.  

"We love home and we love Kiribati," said Teaua.

"What gives me hope is my people, and every time I look at them I know this is worth the fight."

"It's time for us to come together and raise our voices."

UnitingWorld’s Rev. Dr Seforosa Carroll shared her reflection on the theology of climate change at the launch.

“The earth is our common home, as people of faith we have a vested interest to care for all creation,” said Rev. Dr Carroll.

“Climate change is a global problem that affects all of us. Right now the Pacific Islands face the most immediate threat to their way of life.”

“We can all do our part in reducing the pain and oppression of the earth and commit to climate justice.”

Rev. Dr Carroll encouraged us to act, from lobbying our local MPs to reducing our own carbon footprint.

Have your own talanoa to find out what your community can do for climate justice.

Follow Talanoa4Climate on Facebook and see the highlights video from Common Grace.