Wednesday, 01 March 2017

New Leadership for UnitingCare Australia

The Uniting Church in Australia has commissioned Claerwen Little as National Director of UnitingCare Australia in a service at Picton Uniting Church in south-west Sydney.

Assembly General Secretary Colleen Geyer led the commissioning service and welcomed Claerwen into her new role.

“The National Assembly of the Uniting Church has discerned God’s call to Claerwen Little for ministry as the National Director, UnitingCare Australia,” Geyer said.

“We thank God that the one Spirit has endowed the members of Christ’s Church with a diversity of gifts in Claerwen.”

The immediate past National Director of UnitingCare Australia Lin Hatfield Dodds was delighted to pass the leadership baton to Claerwen and acknowledged the gifts she will bring to the role.

“We stand on the shoulders of many as we mark a new national leadership for our community services today,” Hatfield Dodds said.

“In community services, we understand that real power is not to be found in social and political structures, but at the grassroots, in the real stuff of life.”

“This is where lives are lived, and a transformation towards wholeness can take root and flourish.”

Claerwen has worked at Uniting NSW.ACT for 25 years and held a number of senior executive roles in service delivery, advocacy and innovation.

She hopes to continue adding value to our Church’s mission from a national perspective in UnitingCare Australia.

“I have been involved in the UnitingCare network for many years and have always had a passion and vision for what we can do together as a whole church, not just in our own patch,” said Claerwen.

“My main focus is ensuring we are a strong and heard voice in Canberra and across the nation that actually achieves changes and sees those changes made for those who are most in need.”