Friday, 07 July 2017

Frontier Services Caring for Cobar

Frontier Services volunteers from far and wide converged on Cobar to lend a helping hand and lift the community’s spirit.

Cobar is a mining town and a popular tourist stop in central western NSW at the crossroads of Kidman Way and the Barrier Highway, on the way to Queensland and South Australia.

Almost two-thirds the size of Tasmania, farmers in the Cobar Shire continue to struggle in an increasingly isolated community.

From the hot summers and devastating droughts to freezing winters that threaten livestock - Cobar has weathered it all.

The volunteers arrive in four wheel drives, kicking up the rich ochre dust as they twist and turn along the outback roads in search of their next adventure.

This trip is more than taking in the sights of an idyllic outback town, this is about giving back.

Property owners welcomed the volunteers with open arms, appreciative of their energy and commitment in offering them practical help.

There’s always a flurry of activity from the beginning - caravans are unpacked, tents are pitched and the kettle is boiled.

The volunteers get to know each other and the property owners over a cup of tea, forming lifelong friendships that will stand the test of time.

Sometimes all you need to do is to have a cup of tea and show you care.

Many hands made light work of putting fresh coats of paint on an original shearer’s quarters, a newly-built coolroom, a couple of sheds and the Cobar Youth Club in town.

Some of the locals driving past the Youth Club felt a renewed sense of pride in their community, even stopping to say thanks to our volunteers.

This trip was made possible by Frontier Services Patrol Minister Rev. Jo-ann Smalbil and her dedicated husband Lou - working with the Cobar community to find properties and projects with the greatest need.

Join a passionate group of volunteers from all walks of life offering a helping hand to the people of remote Australia: