Friday, 08 September 2017

How to make a Space for Grace

A guide on how to facilitate a conversation using the Space for Grace process has been published in booklet form.

Space for Grace is a tool developed over a number of years by the Assembly’s Multicultural and Cross Cultural Reference Committee based on its approach to making decisions across a diverse group of people.

The guide, written by Rev. Dr Amelia Koh-Butler and Rev. Dr Tony Floyd, is an important resource for making decisions in an intercultural context and has been provided as one of the resources for the Church’s respectful conversations on marriage.  

In his introduction to the booklet Uniting Church President Stuart McMillan writes, “Being open to difference and grappling with it respectfully is the great and eternal work of reconciliation that continues within the Church and beyond.”

“No matter how difficult the conversation or how wide the differences are, there is nothing that cannot be resolved if we are prepared to hear one another and leave the space for God’s grace.”