Friday, 11 May 2018

Calling for passionate advocates and leaders

The Assembly is introducing new ways to get involved in the national work of the Uniting Church and is looking for people with the passion, drive and expertise to lead this new engagement forward.

From July, the Assembly will launch seven Circles of Interest, representing the areas of mission and ministry undertaken by the Assembly.

The seven Circles of Interest are:

  • Walking together as First and Second Peoples
  • Being a Multicultural Church
  • Seeking Common Ground
  • Working for Justice
  • Discipling the Next Generations
  • Growing in Faith
  • Transforming Worship

These Circles will provide opportunities for people to be informed, to contribute and to connect with others who share the same passion and interest.

“It is hoped the seven circles will be a sharing and learning space where those who join are stretched, their faith is deepened and together we listen to where God is leading the Church,” said Rob Floyd, Associate General Secretary of the Assembly.

Each Circle will be supported by Panel Members identified by the Assembly as people with gifts and expertise in that area of interest.

An Advocate will be appointed to each circle to nurture and encourage activity and input from Circle members.

Nominations are now open for people to express their interest in becoming a Panel Member or Advocate for each of Circles.

“We are calling for people to consider this important opportunity to drive this new engagement forward,” said Rob.

“We would love to hear from people across the diversity of the Church who are actively engaged in these areas of ministry and with passion for the national work of the Uniting Church.”

“We welcome those who are already recognised for their leadership as well as emerging leaders, people of different ages, backgrounds and experiences to consider how they might contribute.”

“At the same time, we acknowledge the members of existing Working Groups and Committees supporting the Assembly which conclude in July. We thank them for all they have contributed, some for many years, in supporting our mission and ministry. The excellent work that these groups have done on behalf of the church nationally will continue on in our new Circles.”

Advocates will be approved by the Assembly in July and Panel Members will be approved by the Assembly Standing Committee (ASC).

Read more about how the Circles, Panels and Advocates will operate and the specific characteristics and roles undertaken by Panel Members.

Nominate to become an Advocate. Deadline for nominations is Friday 25 May.

Nominate to become a Panel Member. Deadline for nominations is Friday 13 July.