Friday, 07 September 2018

Welcome to our Advocates

The Assembly has officially welcomed Advocates for its seven Circles of Interest.

The Circles are a new way for people to learn about and contribute to the work of the Assembly and connect with other people who share their interests and passions.

The Advocates came together for the first time after being appointed by the Assembly Standing Committee.

A service of commissioning was held with all Assembly staff led by Associate General Secretary Rob Floyd.

The Advocates are:

  1. Rev Loni Vaitohi – Working for Justice
  2. Rev Dr Matagi Vilitama – Being a Multicultural Church
  3. Rev Dr Ann Perrin – Growing in Faith
  4. Rev Dr Amelia Koh Butler – Seeking Common Ground
  5. Steve Molkentin – Discipling the Next Generations
  6. Rev Alex Sangster – Transforming Worship
  7. Stuart McMillan – Walking Together as First and Second Peoples


“It has been a delight to bring together the Advocates for the first time. They are full of passion and energy, not only in their own Circles of Interest but for the life and work of the Uniting Church more broadly,” said Rob.

Advocates play an important role, providing leadership to the Circles. Their role is to engage, inspire, resource and communicate with their Circle. They are supported by a panel of people who also share expertise in the same area. Panel Members are listed here.

The Advocates spent the day with the Assembly Resourcing Unit discussing how the Circles will invite people to journey together in the national work of the Uniting Church.

They explored priority areas for each Circle of Interest and looked for areas where Circle members might work together on particular issues, projects or events.

“As we delved into the areas of work for the Circles there were common themes that emerged across the Circles such as how we equip and encourage our next generations,” said Rob.

“The Uniting Church’s response to Climate Change was another issue that was named as significant in the work of all Circles.”

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