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Monday, 17 July 2006

Meeting with leaders of the ACC

The President of the Uniting Church, Rev. Gregor Henderson, today expressed surprise and regret that the leaders of EMU and the Reforming Alliance have refused to meet him to discuss the proposed Assembly of Confessing Congregations.

“It is with deep regret that I have learned the leaders of both EMU and the Reforming Alliance have twice declined my invitation to meet me next week to clarify the proposed Assembly of Confessing Congregations. I am still keen to meet with leaders of EMU and the Reforming Alliance and am hopeful that we can find ways whereby Reforming Alliance and EMU members can remain within the structure and fellowship of the Uniting Church.

“On face value, this proposal appears to have major implications for our church and it is entirely appropriate that the proponents make their intentions clear by meeting with me and outlining their vision.

“It is not fair for members of the church to be asked to sign on to such a proposal without further information and I am concerned they may be asked to do this in coming weeks. Congregations are entitled to all the information before they are asked to join a group that accuses the Assembly of apostasy (straying from the faith) and claims to reject the authority of Presbyteries, Synods and the Assembly.

“Members of the Uniting Church have a right to know exactly what is being proposed and how it might impact our existing Uniting Church structures,” Rev. Henderson said.

“I encourage congregations to take their time before making any decisions and to wait until further information about the exact nature of this proposal is available.

“The Uniting Church works firmly within the traditions of the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and I am distressed to think that any members of our church would believe otherwise.”