Friday, 09 November 2018

Lifelong Learning in Ministry

Members of the new Assembly Standards for Ministries Committee met for the first time this week.

The Committee is tasked with advising the Assembly on the standards required within the Uniting Church for both the training of people to minister within the Uniting Church and also the admission of ministers from other denominations.

One important issue the Committee explored was how as a church we can recognise our cultural and linguistic diversity in all we do, as well as providing flexible pathways for people in training for ministry, that remains thorough and adequate for the needs of the candidates and the Church.

In particular, the Committee recognised the need for life-long learning in all people serving in ministry roles across the Church, and how we can provide opportunities and place expectations on people to ensure they are maintaining good practices.

Work began on a review of standards associated with Ministry of Pastor, Lay Preacher as well as ongoing professional development for ordained ministers within the church.

The group also considered the processes by which the Assembly consults across the church with Synod Education bodies and Colleges to ensure that all are aware of the standards in place and are working effectively to meet them.

Another key area of work is the ongoing process of how we can best deal with the admission of ministers from other denominations, both within Australia and from overseas, where training and requirements for ministry can differ to ours.