Friday, 30 November 2018

Shaping our vision for a just Australia

Those engaged in the work of justice across the Uniting Church came together in Sydney for a one-day meeting to begin shaping a Uniting Church vision for Australia.

Travelling from different parts of the country, the day brought together staff from across the synods, agencies and the Assembly with particular expertise in justice.

Uniting Church in Australia President Dr Deidre Palmer opened the day with a reflection on the message of Jesus in Luke 4: 16-21, that all will experience new life through God’s transforming love.

“We are being and becoming a community embodying the Spirit of Christ when the values that shape us are ones of advocacy for justice for all,” Dr Palmer said.

“This means being a community where what we own and the money we earn is not the measure of who we are but rather our identity is centred in the compassion and hospitality of the God we see in Jesus.”

Dr Palmer reminded those gathered that the work of justice extends to every member of the Uniting Church. Each one of us is called to be a voice for justice.

The major focus of the meeting was the crafting a Uniting Church vision for justice in Australia.

Assembly Associate General Secretary Rob Floyd said the Uniting Church had a long history of advocating for justice, and with our agencies providing one of the largest community service networks in the country, played a major role in tackling injustice at a grassroots level.

“There is an enormous breadth of experience and knowledge across the different parts of the Uniting Church,” said Mr Floyd.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to get all of that expertise in one room and to begin ask ourselves, ‘what do we want to see for Australia?’” 

The vision will build on the work of previous groups in this space, like Australia Remade, and include a number of foundations which the Uniting Church sees as part of a generous, inclusive and just Australia.

Work is continuing on the vision and it will be launched in the first half of 2019.