Thursday, 06 December 2018

Rae Mavor Farewelled

The Uniting Church has come together to honour the life of Rae Mavor, who died earlier this week at the age of 86.

The former school teacher and much-loved wife of Rev. John Mavor was farewelled in a service at Beenleigh Uniting Church south of Brisbane.

UCA President Dr Deidre Palmer and Qld Moderator Rev. David Baker both gave tributes at the Service.

“It is a privilege for me to be here on behalf of the Uniting Church in Australia to honour the life and witness to Christ of Rae Mavor, and to give thanks for all that she has contributed to the life and mission of the Uniting Church,” said Dr Palmer.

“The partnership in ministry that John and Rae have shared, their deep faith in God and their love for God and each other have contributed richly to many of our lives.”

“I have heard beautiful stories of their travels together, when John was President, the thousands of kilometres they travelled and gratitude from people around Australia who found their visits so encouraging.”

“Gregor Henderson, Past President, in reflecting on Rae and John’s shared ministry and the depth of their faith and love writes: “just think of the number of prayers they have shared, the joys and disappointments the have known together, the love and care they have given each other.”

“We extend our love and sympathy to Miriam, Allan, John Harry and James. Thank you for sharing your mother and grandmother with us all.

“Let us pray, giving thanks for Rae’s life.”


Gracious and loving God,
We give you thanks for the life of Rae Mavor.
We thank you for her faithfulness to you, for her willingness to serve you wherever you called her.
We thank you for the way she mentored young people as an educator. For her gifts in multicultural and cross cultural education.
We thank you for the ways she reflected your compassion, hospitality and love for others.
We thank you for her love for John and the partnership they shared in ministry – serving the Methodist and the Uniting Church.
We pray you will receive Rae into your loving embrace, joining with the communion of saints.
We thank you for her life and that she is now at peace - at home with her Lord Jesus Christ,
In whose name we pray, Amen.