Friday, 03 May 2019

Contributing to a just and peaceful world

With the Federal election just over two weeks away, we continue to encourage Uniting Church members to engage with the issues that will decide their vote.

In our Uniting Church pre-election Vision Statement we consider how Australia is Contributing to a Just and Peaceful World.

The vision expresses our hope that Australia acts with courage and leadership and in co-operation with other nations to overcome injustice and inequality, standing up for the rights of all people and for the future of the planet.

A major way Australia does this is through its international aid contributions.

Sadly, Australian aid levels are at their lowest levels. Since 2013, in cumulative terms, the Australian aid budget has been cut by over 30 per cent.

To help turn this around, UnitingWorld, the international partnerships Agency of the UCA, has joined a coalition of 50 aid organisations in the Campaign for Australian Aid.

Thousands of people including many high-profile Australians have signed on to the campaign Australia to show their support for Australian aid.

You can add your support here.

The campaign recognises that the biggest challenges we face, like climate change, rising inequality and mass displacement can only be solved through global cooperation.

We know through the work of UnitingWorld and others that Australian Aid has the power to transform people’s lives.

Last year, Australian Aid:

  • Supported education programs in 21 countries throughout the Indo-Pacific
  • Provided emergency food assistance for 4 million people in Syria
  • Assisted 13,000 people with humanitarian relief supplies following Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu
  • Delivered aid vaccinations for 2.8million boys and girls
  • Helped global efforts to provide drinking water to 2.3million households

Our Vision Statement also considers how Australia contributes to overcoming modern slavery and human trafficking, eliminating nuclear weapons and advocated for peaceful resolutions with justice in the Middle East and West Papua. Read more