Friday, 19 July 2019

Ten Years On

Written by Stuart McMillan

Ten years ago this week, the 12th Assembly resolved to add a new and important Preamble to our Constitution.

The profound lament, truth, theology and intention of this preamble cannot be understated. It says, this is who we are as the Uniting Church in Australia, this is how we understand our history, and this is our commitment to First Peoples and to the gospel.

When the 15th Assembly 2018 affirmed the sovereignty of First Nations Peoples this was an honouring of the First People.

Particularly Paragraph two of the Preamble which acknowledged that this was how they understood themselves.

There is much that still needs to be done.

The covenant gives us a way of having conversations.

It symbolises the relationship which First and Second Peoples in our Church seek to grow and strengthen in the power of the Spirit.

It helps us to do the work to make the Preamble commitment and the sovereignty affirmation real, grounded in the life of our Church, a witness to the abundant grace and liberating hope of Jesus Christ at work amongst us.

Ten years on, let us read the words again and wonder how profound.

Let us celebrate that we took this step and let us walk together in covenant relationship, led by the Spirit.

And let us raise our voices to advocate with all First Nations Peoples for Voice, Treaty and Truth.