Thursday, 08 August 2019

President's Roundtables - Conversations of Hope

Written by By Dr Deidre Palmer, UCA Assembly President
President Dr Deidre Palmer with Amos Washington who facilitated the first Roundtable discussion in Canberra President Dr Deidre Palmer with Amos Washington who facilitated the first Roundtable discussion in Canberra

I have begun a series of roundtable conversations with young adults of the Uniting Church all over the country to hear how they see God calling us into Christ’s reconciling and renewing mission.

The first roundtable conversations took place in Canberra on 25 July.

It was wonderful to sit alongside and hear the stories of young people involved in the life of the Uniting Church who are faithfully seeking to follow Christ and engage more deeply in God’s mission in the world.

At each of the roundtables, I am inviting young people to:

  • share some of their faith journeys, how they are encouraged in their discipleship and the ways they are participating in Christ’s ministry.
  • reflect on how the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is ‘good news’ for the current generations of Australians.
  • share their views on the shape and ongoing transformation of the Uniting Church in Australia - its worship, witness and service.
  • share their perspectives on how the Uniting Church might be engaged in the public space, and their concerns and hopes for the world and the global church.

My hope is to conduct 12 of these roundtable conversations over my next two years as President in different regions of Australia, representing the full breadth and depth of our Church. The conversations are open to all young adults of the Uniting Church.

I plan to share some of the stories and insights I hear from these conversations as I travel around the country.

I will also be including some of the insights of our young people, their questions and hopes in my report to the next Assembly.

It is my hope that these conversations will be a source of encouragement, challenge and discernment, for all the participants and for all of us as the Uniting Church in Australia.

If you want further information and are interested in participating in a conversation or supporting a young adult to attend, please contact the President via her EA, Neryl McCallum at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.