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Thursday, 07 April 2005

Uniting Church President reflects on the life of Pope John Paul

“Pope John Paul was an amazing man who will be sadly missed. He was the most important religious figure of the twentieth century.

“He helped bring the Iron Curtain down and thereby initiate a new era in international relations. He was a strong advocate for peace in world events He reached out to Orthodox and Protestant Churches in ecumenical initiatives,” Rev Dean Drayton said.

“He galvanised Roman Catholics with a global vision, making the world his parish. Who will ever forget his kneeling to kiss the earth on the various continents?

“He gave a special place to the young in amazing meetings of the faithful which were often more than a million strong.

“He was cautious in implementing the directions of Vatican 2 and in the last decades hesitant to admit any change. He finally became a strong advocate for conservative voices in the Church while continuing a public call for the right of all to live human lives to the full.”

Rev. Drayton is available for interview on request