Thursday, 19 September 2019

Tagata Pasifika speaks, listen in

The Uniting Church is home for many people from a Pacific cultural background, and those voices were elevated at a theological symposium dedicated to the stories and theologies of the Pacific.

The Tagata Pasifika Theological Symposium was held at Parramatta Mission in Sydney from 13-14 September, co-ordinated by Rev. Dr Matagi Jessop Vilitama, the Advocate for the Assembly Being a Multicultural Church Circle, and UCA theologians Rev. Dr Clive Pearson and Rev. Dr Seforosa Carroll. 

The aim of the Symposium was to highlight and open for discussion works completed by Pasifika theologians, highlighting their understandings of God, life, church and culture.

The event showcased 11 papers presented by theologians from the UCA and three from partner Churches on related themes, presenting topics such as the “Liquid Church” and “Remigrant” theology.

Matagi said he felt inspired by the two days because it provided an opportunity to raise the voices of Pasifika theologians on “very real issues” that were not being heard in wider society and especially in the Church.

The Symposium highlighted the rich theological perspectives of the Pacific and the gifts they bring to our Church and created the opportunity for passionate discussions It is hoped some of the papers might be published. You can read the abstracts here.

Matagi said it was hoped other cultural groups in the UCA might also have the same platform to share theological perspectives. 

Watch this video of the highlights from Day 1